Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 16) Lost

Now, after Nadja has had a moment to think, she believes the popping sound she heard on the window was merely the glass responding to the drastic change in the outdoor temperature after sunset. She proceeds to place the pizza in the oven and after tossing the box in the trash can, she turns the light back on in the room. Taking a seat at the small table for two, which fits snug up against one wall of the kitchen, she glances at the objects on the table. Upon it sits a small vanilla candle and a crystal salt and pepper set. Not really thinking of anything particular, she begins shuffling the three items around, sliding them across each other and from side to side, much like a magician would with the ball and cup trick.

“What am I going to do with my life?” She questions. “Where am I going and how did I find myself in this mess with Aaron?”

She recalls the first time she met him. He was as crazy about her as she was of him, or so she thought. They laughed and spent all of their free time together and she had no problem dismissing her best friends so she could be with Aaron. Little did she know this was exactly how he wanted things to be. He did not want her to have anyone other than him in her life. He became controlling and demanding, even told her how to cut her hair and what she could or could not wear. She became his puppet and over time, her own identity vanished.

“I’m lost.” She mumbles as she slides the candle and crystal shakers up against the wall. “How do you find yourself if you are lost?”

Ex 16

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