Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 19) Forward

Dreams consume Viktor’s nights, much like Nadja’s, but he has abundant control in the lucidness, much more than most individuals. This is partly due to his photographic memory and the fact that it is incredibly hard to cause him to slip up. He too blogs about the oddities he finds hidden in his dreams but lately, the same recurring images seem to be seeping their way into his wanderings.

Not only does Viktor recognize the repetitiveness of this odd sequence of images and experiences, he can actually count on revisiting the same place almost every night. This has him confused for he believes there has to be a reason for it to be happening. His mental notebook continues to retain each and every twist and turn and he knows without a doubt, the dreams must be caused by something, but what? With the control he has grown to have, what is he missing during his sleep state that will push the occurrence forward? Why does he feel as if he is hung-up?

Ex 19

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