Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 20) Entrapment

Viktor and Nadja chatted a few times before, but never exchanged true names or locations. In fact, the only lengthy discussion was when Nadja reached out to the general group for help in understanding why she continued to dream about spiders, lots of them, all dropping down on her. They would gather in her hair and run up her sleeves, she could feel them as they scurried about under and over her clothing.

Waking up from such an experience was traumatic and frightening for Nadja, causing her to leap out of bed and swipe at the images no longer visible. This of course disturbed her boyfriends sleep causing Aaron to become very angry and harsh with her. Once, he even slapped her across the face, then simply rolled over and went back to sleep without saying a word. He acted as if this was the normal way to respond to someone in such a frantic state. In no way did Nadja believe this to be proper behavior. She felt violated; not only in her dream, but also by the man she tried so desperately to please in every way. He was cold, heartless, and clearly, she was of no concern to him. Of all the respondents to Nadja’s message about her questions, Viktor’s explanation of the spider issue was most accurate.

“Spiders in general, in dreams, indicate a feeling of entanglement or of entrapment. The fact that they were dropping down from the ceiling means you feel unable to escape from a relationship.” His message stated.

Ex 20

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  1. Spiders crawling all over you? That IS a nightmare! 😉

    July 22, 2016 at 2:27 pm

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