Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 21) Coward

Nadja had never mentioned her current negative and detrimental situation to anyone, but this mystery writer, VikT1000 tagged her emotions perfectly. It was soon after this affirmation of her feelings, and the positive words from her aunt, that Nadja planned her next move carefully and decided to leave Aaron for good.

It was late in the day and she rehearsed her words repeatedly during the hours prior. She remembers the very moment he walked through the door that night after being at work and then a business dinner that took him until almost midnight. He noticed her bags right away, for they were neatly stacked against the wall near the front door. He glared at her for what felt like hours to Nadja. His eyes piercing and darkening with each tick of the clock, he stood silent and she had to look down to avoid his distaste. As soon as she lowered her eyes, the coward spoke.

“What are you up to?” Aaron finally questioned.

He did not waver in his glare, or the firm footing of his stance, as he moved his right hand behind his back and locked the door. The clicking sound of the latch seemed to echo throughout the room.

“You’re not going anywhere, if that is what you had in mind.” He said forcefully.

“Yes, Aaron. I am.” Nadja responded with her eyes looking down, focused on his shoes. “You and I. . .” She started to say, but was rudely interrupted.

“You and I are forever.” Aaron stated in a demanding tone startling Nadja and she looked up at him. “Whatever you are thinking of doing or saying is not going to happen, so you might as well put all your pathetic belongings back in their proper place.” He is gritting his teeth so hard his jawbone is protruding.

“No Aaron, I can’t.” Nadja replied softly as she took a step to the side while bending her head down. She is not able to look into his evil expression any longer. “You don’t love me, you know it, I know it, and we need to let each other go.”

Ex 21

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