Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 22) Burning

Nadja’s statement was met with silence. Neither a movement nor a breath was taken. She could feel her heart rate increasing along with the thick overpowering tension in the room. Then she heard the lock click. As she looked up, Aaron was opening the door and then he stepped aside.

“Go on then, run out into the night and see where that gets you.” He said in a challenging manner. “You will be back because you are nothing without me and you know it. You need me more than you need yourself.”

His words cut into her already damaged self-worth as tears begin to sting her eyes. She used every ounce of her strength to keep those tears from flowing as she gathered her trunk and backpack. All the while, she was expecting him to push her aside and begin one of his assaults, verbally and physically attacking her to break her down. To her surprise, this did not happen but as she stepped through the threshold of the front door, he spat at her and the wetness splattered onto the left side of her face.

“You will come crawling back and you need to know right now that I will have lost all respect for you.” It was in the most hateful manner that he murmured this to her as he turned to follow her out the door. “You’ll never make it out there with your meek attitude and boring personality!” He yelled as she continued walking. “I give you two days and you will call me for help. Two days!” His voice rose loudly not concerned if others would hear. “Do you hear me?!” He screamed at her.

Stopping for only a second to force herself to take a breath, Nadja did not look back or respond and within a few seconds, she heard the door slam shut. The stillness of night surrounded her as she stepped off the walk onto the shadowy street heading for the train station. Tears were now streaming freely down her cheeks and she dare not look back, not even for a second. She could not give him that satisfaction for she knew his eyes were upon her. She could feel him watching, burning into her soul.

Ex 22

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