Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 24) Worthy

“Perhaps I should clarify.” Viktor states rather swiftly. “What I mean is, maybe you can help me with some research on a problem dream I am encountering.”

Still very hesitant and uncertain of this conversation, Nadja does nothing. With her current feelings and lack of trust, she fears this man is simply toying with her, as if making fun of her in some way.

The grin across Viktor’s face begins to fade as time passes without receiving a response. He reads over what he wrote fearing he may have said something derogatory or negative, but finds nothing of the kind.

“Hey SoapSuds1920s, I guess you signed off.” He writes but continues in case she is still on or signs back in. “Anyhow, if you want to compare the crazy stuff we get ourselves into while dreaming; I’m usually signed on about this time each night. Have a good week.”

Reading this message as it pops up, Nadja realizes VikT1000 appears sincere in his statements. Yet, she cannot bring herself to reply and engage in a deeper conversation with him and to be honest, with anyone for that matter. Her lack of self is crippling in such a way that she cannot fathom anyone truly wanting to know her. All of her friends have slowly drifted away due to her early obsession with Aaron at the beginning of their relationship. In her current state of mind, she does not feel worthy nor does she have the ability to be a friend to anyone.

Ex 24

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