Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 25) Generalize

Without responding to the message and feeling down for not doing so, Nadja signs out of the blog site and sets her phone to the side. She takes her plate to the counter next to the oven, where she quietly sets it down. Slicing off two more pieces of pizza, she returns to her seat at the tiny table next to the wall and eats her meal in solitude.

What event or situation is it that can cause a man to despise women? Nadja thinks to herself. Not just one particular individual, but all women simply because they are women. There are people in each and every life who do wrongful deeds causing the victim to carry distaste for that one specific person for many years if not a lifetime. However, to generalize and be cruel to all women in such a manner is different.

The image of Aaron’s face and his behavior drifts into Nadja’s mind. His hazel expressive eyes took her in immediately and the little natural pout he has due to the slightly protruding bottom lip, was endearing. As they were getting to know each other, he was very open about his childhood and of being the youngest son to a mother who was terribly ill and a father who never crossed her. He said his father was weak by letting his wife walk all over him and he would never stand up for himself. In researching the medical condition Aaron’s mother endured, Nadja was astonished and believes this woman was in constant pain and highly medicated due to the disabling disease that was destroying her body and mind.

Even with Aaron’s twisted explanation, is sounded to Nadja as if his father did all he could to back down and not upset his wife fearing he would cause her more heartache. It seems obvious the older man felt guilty he could not help the woman he loved. He could do nothing to alleviate the pain and suffering she was  under and had been experiencing all those years, so he gave in to every whim. According to Aaron, with his father appearing so feeble and pathetic, he swore no woman would ever control him in such a manner. He actually admitted to despising his mother for living as long as she did.

Ex 25

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