Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 26) Warped

In looking at the situation, Nadja found it very unfortunate that Aaron failed to realize how strong his father truly was in this. To stand down, step away and retreat when he could have easily lashed out, yelled back and forced the issue. Instead, he maintained his self-control, a quiet demeanor, and continued to love the woman he knew he would lose far sooner than he ever expected. The old man knew how wonderful she once was and understood how the medications affected her, even at her worst he never gave up on her. When she passed, he took to drinking and even though Aaron was now a man living on his own, he once again took aim at his father who he felt groveled in fragility and self-pity.

Nadja knows Aaron’s warped interpretation of his parent’s relationship seeped deep into him. He talked about how, at an early age, he created a tough arrogant persona so no one would mistake his strength and power. He continually blames his mother for everything that may have gone wrong and in turn, he will never have the ability to experience a genuine loving relationship. Nadja knows he will never relax and let his true emotions show especially to a lowly female. With his staunch behavior, it is doubtful he would be able to recognize honest loving emotions in the first place but she dare not state her opinion. She never said anything to contradict his statements or to anger him, and he does not realize not even to this day, how he is now in his mother’s negative role. In an innocent way, Nadja believed she could save Aaron from himself and this crosses her mind still today.

Aaron enjoys the fear he puts into people much as a wild beast obtains the taste for blood. He uses their fright against them and to his advantage in every way possible by holding their emotions hostage. The apprehension Nadja has of him is very real and accurate. If he sees her leaving as a nuisance or if he believes it to be an embarrassment to him, what will he do to her? How far will he go to shut her up? Will she learn firsthand, in the same manner that he manipulated her personal life, that Aaron is the type of man who can very easily make people disappear?

Ex 26

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