Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 28) Giggle

Viktor tries very hard to be quiet in his movements and even watches television and searches the internet with headphones on. However, it seems the other dwellers here have no sense of courtesy to others. He once told a friend that he does not understand why his neighbors slam their doors shut when they come home in the evening. Do they hate their apartment so much they come in with an attitude? His friend just laughed but Viktor was serious.

“Is life so hard you must let everyone around you know you’re home and very unhappy about it?” Viktor jests as he animates the slamming of a door. “I hate my life and I especially hate you. . . door!”

Of course, this caused his friend to chuckle at such a truthful observation. In no way could he offer any other explanation for such a boisterous entrance. One thing is for certain, in being friends with Viktor, you might as well plan on repetitious laughter. His absurd sense of wit and views on everything tend to leave his friends and acquaintances with questions and a good giggle.

To make things even worse, Viktor never forgets a thing. Years may have passed but at the right moment, he will bring up some silly incident that will have a group of individuals rolling on the floor in hilarity at what they themselves had actually witnessed but since forgot.

Ex 28

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