Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 29) Himself

This morning, however, Viktor is a bit drawn and feeling rather disenchanted. His alarm woke him from a very interesting portion of his dream and now all he wants to do is, return to his bed, forget the day, and pick up in his night tryst where he left off. He has been repeating the same scenes over every night for quite some time now, months in fact, but this time he stumbled upon a quizzical option. He opened a door to a room, very simple and often done. Yet this time, when he closed the door after entering the room, another door appeared on the wall right where the real door had touched it! Just as he was about to turn the handle to this mysterious new entrance, the alarm blared in like a foghorn on an old ship violently pulling him into the waking world.

“Damn it!” He grumbles as he realizes he is out of coffee. “Oh this day just needs to be abolished.” He says as he tosses the empty coffee container into the overflowing trash can. “Yeah and I need to empty you too!”

As if trying to make a point, the coffee can then tumbles out onto the floor. With a frown on his face and his hair a mess, Viktor drags himself to the shower where he turns the handle to the hottest setting letting the water flow. Brushing his teeth, he looks at his reflection and makes an evil face as he spits out the toothpaste.

“Oh yeah? And just what are you going do about it?” He says to himself as he lets the white paste drip from his mouth, which causes him to grin. “You need a vacation.” He points to himself.

Turning his attention to the running water of the shower, he pulls back the clear curtain allowing a thick fog of steam to enter the room. He quickly adjusts the temperature of the water, steps out of his black and grey striped boxer briefs, and eases in under the warm streams pouring out of the shower head.

Ex 29

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