Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 30) Change

The pressure is low but the rush of water feels good on Viktor’s skin as he leans back, letting the warmth drench his thick dark hair. Steam is quickly filling the room as he goes about his morning routine but the thoughts of the door behind the door in his dream is rather prominent in his mind. He wonders where this new doorway leads and what does this have to do with the recurring dreams he has grown so accustomed too? They have been the same all this time, but now something has triggered a very interesting change, and he is dying to see what he will find behind this new entrance.

With a good rinsing of soap and shampoo, Viktor shuts the water off and grabs the towel that is hanging over the shower curtain rod. He quickly rubs it on his head to dry his hair before stepping out onto the bath rug where he finishes drying his body. Swiping the towel across the mirror to clear the mist, he once again looks at himself and makes a comment.

“You again? I’ll never be rid of you, will I?” He mumbles as he flips the towel back across the curtain rod to dry.

With no coffee and damp hair, he gets dressed and quietly opens his apartment door, steps out into the open corridor, and securely locks the door behind him. His mission, at the moment, is to grab anything he can that is loaded with caffeine. He drives to the nearest convenience store and purchases three energy drinks, which he knows is not a healthy choice, but it does the trick of waking him up fully.

“Just make it though this week and you’re off on a much deserved vacation.” He says in a grumble as he finds himself in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic.

Ex 30

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