Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 31) Composed

Viktor really has no idea what he will do with his time off. He is thankful not to have to report to work, but with little money to spare, he figures he will be bored witless sitting in his apartment playing video games and listening to music. Unfortunately, this is how he spends most evenings after work anyhow, so the excitement he should have about free time off is simply not at a high level for him.

“Doors that I open create other doors.” Viktor murmurs to himself as he waits at the stoplight. “I don’t understand what this is supposed to mean. There is the old saying that when one door closes another door opens, is that what my mind is thinking?”

He is in such deep thought he fails to notice the light has changed from red to green. In a loud obnoxious manner, the driver of the car behind him blows his horn and yells something unrecognizable out his window at Viktor. Without stooping to this man’s level, Viktor steps on the gas and moves forward in a calm and composed manner.

“I do not understand why everyone has to be so rude, god I wish I could move away from here.” Viktor says as he glances at his rearview mirror to observe the car behind him. “I really hate people.”

It is not that Viktor is an angry or depressed person, he is simply tired of all the hatred, stupidity and lack of concern others have for the individuals around them. The world seems to be getting colder by the minute and he feels worn out by the negativity that appears so prevalent in almost every person. However, when in the business of serving others with great customer service, he brightens his smile and does all he can to change the behavior of those he works around. Unfortunately, this process in itself, of trying to be upbeat at all times but with vague results, can begin to wear a person down.

Ex 31

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