Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 33) Fog

The little cottage is old but not by any manner in disrepair. Nadja’s Aunt was very tidy and kept the place cozy and rustic, yet with as many modern amenities as possible. The wiring for the electricity should not be a source of the problem. Nadja is trying not to over think this but in her current state of mind, she worries if Aaron has found her and is possibly trying to frighten her into leaving the cottage. This of course would cause her to run back to him for security.

“That will never happen.” She says to herself as she slides off the bed and walks over to the window. “But, it would be nice to know he misses me, if he even does.”

There is a gray fog hanging low in the air. The view stretches only as far as the little picket fence in the yard, which is barely ten steps away from the house. The large old trees are not visible in this misty abyss, neither is the trail that leads down the ridge toward the train station. It is as if the world ends just outside the door to the cottage.

“Oh I am so confused. I’m scared to death Aaron will come after me, but in a way. . . I wish he would.” She mutters as she frowns and tears well up in her eyes. “What is wrong with me? Why am I feeling this way?” She questions as she steps into the main room of the cottage.

She turns and looks toward the small fireplace at the back of the room. Sitting atop the mantel is a photograph of her with her aunt. They are holding each other in a tight embrace while sitting on a large boulder near a small waterfall. It is now that she begins to smile.

“You would set me straight right here and now, Auntie.” Nadja says in her normal tone. “You wouldn’t let me stoop to such a low level as to go crawling back. You always made me feel strong and you were never blunt about it, somehow you managed to help me realize the right things on my own.” She takes the photograph into her hands. “I miss you and I need help, but I don’t know where to get it.”

Ex 33

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