Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 34) Broken

Placing the photo back in its place, Nadja proceeds to pick up her trunk and backpack from where she dropped them the day before. Walking over to her bed in the guest room, the bed where she slept each summer, the very room that holds so many fond memories, she tosses her belongings onto the beautifully sewn quilt.

“It is time to get settled and to stop thinking negative thoughts about myself. For instance, how stupid I am to have fallen in love with a man like Aaron, or how lame it is for me to want him to come after me, a changed man full of love for me.” She laughs at her own comment. “Right, as if that would ever happen.”

Again, she holds back tears, shaking her head with disgust at herself for still caring. She actually misses him and this confusion of what she is doing and what she wants, keeps tugging at her fragile emotions.

“What on earth has he done to me? Why am I so broken?” She says softly and this time, there is no stopping the flow as she breaks down and begins to cry.

Sitting on the bed, she holds her face in her hands as she lets it all go. Her head is pounding with fierce pain as the sound of her heartbeat pulses in a heavy rhythm in her ears. The lump in her throat has tightened and she feels that if she cannot calm herself down then soon she will not be able to breathe. Her low moment quickly comes to a halt when she hears the wind chimes hanging just outside the front door ring loudly as if someone stepped into them. This shakes the silence right out of the air.

“What was that?” Nadja states as she quickly stands up and looks in the direction of the window to her room.

All she has to do is look out the glass to the right and see who or what caused the chimes to sound, but she finds herself frozen. She is so isolated here in the mountains now that she is alone. When her Aunt was alive, Nadja always felt safe and loved, but now at this moment, she feels vulnerable and in imminent danger. What will happen to her if Aaron is here? What will he do when she opens the door?

Ex 34

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