Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 35) Together

Just as Nadja is about to peek out at the obscurity of the foggy morning, a face appears in the window startling her to the point of screaming out!

“Oh Nadja! I’m so sorry!” States the familiar voice of her dear aunt’s best friend. “It’s me, Carl.” The elderly man states quickly.

Not only was Carl her Aunt’s best friend, they were lovers for many years but they never married. There was so much adoration between them that Nadja never understood the reasoning behind not taking the final step. It was not until a year ago that her Aunt explained.

“We love each other, pure and simple.” Aunt Josephine stated. “No piece of paper would change that and it is a blessing to know that the one you love stays with you simply because you are you. No contract is binding us and no rules force a union. Our feelings keep us together, our kindness makes us happy, our gratitude and respect for each other makes us strong.”

With her hand across her chest over her rapidly beating heart, Nadja dashes to the door to greet Carl properly. She fumbles with the lock and swings the door open wide as Carl once again bumps his head into the wind chimes.

“Ah the damn thing! I can’t see anything in this fog!” He grumbles until he notices Nadja standing at the open door.

Immediately he wraps his strong arms around her. He is an impressive man, six-foot four, broad shoulders and defined muscles. He is in excellent shape for a man his age and his gentle smile is all Nadja needed to be placed at ease. No longer fearful of where she is, she instantly pulls Carl inside and shuts the door.

Ex 35

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One response

  1. I hope Carl turns out to be a “good guy…” I liked him immediately.

    August 5, 2016 at 6:52 am

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