Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 37) Deal

Carl’s rustic house is located near the train station at the end of the trail. Even though he spent most nights at the cottage with his love, they also maintained his residence for guests and family members who may want to take a break from their busy life. As much as Josephine’s cottage resembles her, this rustic gentleman’s house matches him. Carl gently pats Nadja on her back breaking their hug.

“Do you need anything? Food to stock the shelves or wood for the fireplace?” He questions as he looks her in the eye.

“No, I don’t think so but, I really haven’t had time during the day to look around. The kitchen is well stocked, and you taught me how to split wood for the fire.” She grins. “I think I will be fine but if not, I’ll be sure to reach out and call you.” Nadja grins and sticks her hand out for a handshake. “Deal?”

“Ah you are just like your Aunt. That’s how she suckered me into all the chores I had to do.” He grins as he takes Nadja’s hand in his and they both start laughing. “You really are a lot like her, you know that? I hope one day you find the love of your life, someone who deserves you and understands you.” He cups her hand between both of his. “Josie and I were like that, soul mates, meant to be, never had a fight we couldn’t set straight in seconds.”

Nadja watches as Carl’s eyes seem to appear more round than before and she realizes he is about to tear up.

Ex 37

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