Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 38) Checking

With Carl being such a kind man with so much heart, it seems so very rare to Nadja and she does not want to see him sad, but she is unsure in what to do. Carl solves the problem for her though.

“Well I’ve got to run and see how the crew is doing with getting the shipments out.” He says quickly as he turns his attention to business. “Some crazy nut overseas purchased sixty crates of Orange Blossom Blooms soap for his store. Who the hell needs that much of one flavor?” He questions as he animates packing soap into boxes. “I tried to tell him to mix it up a bit, purchase a variety,” he waves his hands in the air, “but no, he said this was his favorite and that is all he wanted.” Carl shakes his head as he holds his hands out to his sides in a questioning manner. “Crazy stuff, huh?” He laughs as he opens the door to the cottage.

“Thank you for checking on me.” Nadja says as she holds the handle of the door. “I hope someday I get lucky enough to find someone just like you.” She grins.

Carl gives her a wink and walks out into the mist that is slowly rising as the sun filters through the gray wisps of low clouds. The gravel under his feet makes a crunching sound and seems to echo in the damp air as he walks down the path and out of sight. Quietly, Nadja closes the door and takes her cinnamon roll to the kitchen.

Ex 38

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