Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 40) Trivial

Viktor despises that he has turned into one of those men who sits, trapped at a desk and computer all day, dress shirt buttoned all the way to the neck and with absolutely no physical activity, unless he gets up to go to the bathroom or grab a cup of coffee.

In no way does he find enjoyment in his job. There is absolutely nothing about it that appeals to him and everyday is as boring, dull, and lifeless as the last. He would give anything to be able to walk away and never return. Of course, he has a few choice words he would wish to speak before turning in his name badge and keys, but he knows they will be accurate and flow quite freely from his lips without the need for a rehearsal.

“Well, this is amazing, Vik.” States his manager as he reads over the proposal.

Viktor knows Travis will take full credit for the details he laid out so articulately. It happens time and time again in meetings, during webinars, and phone calls. Comments or suggestions Viktor offers, are quickly stolen by this man, and repeated to others suggesting he is the one who thought of it. This used to really get to Viktor but after a while, he just gave up on trying to make sure others knew the truth. He has given himself the title of ghost. In other words, no one ever seems to hear him, nor does he receive the proper credit for the work he does. The job is a dead-end for him, he hates everything about it and does not put forth the effort he used to. Amazingly though, it never seems to affect his work outcome, which still tends to rank higher than what his peers produce.

“Why aren’t you excited? This is a marvelous piece of work!” Travis says with great excitement as he pats Viktor on the back.

“Probably because when I’m here, I’m dead.” Viktor states as he picks up his phone again completely unenthused by his managers statement.

“Ha ha ha! You are so funny man.” Travis says as he scurries off like a rat to study the proposal so he can present it as his own masterpiece.

“Moron.” Viktor says under his breath as he pulls up the page he was reading before the trivial interruption.

Ex 40

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