Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 42) Conceal

Viktor finds himself in a very familiar place as lightning flickers off in the distance to his right and he steps down from the curb onto the cobblestone road. The tall buildings that skirt the edge of the street vary from gold toned brick and stucco to deep burgundy and chocolate-brown. Dim lanterns above the entrances to the dwellings swing slightly from the breeze flowing up the hill through the village. Their amber glow glides back and forth in varied patterns and timing.

From where he is at this moment, at the top of a gentle sloping hill, he can see the many passageways that twist and turn between the structures. This portion of the village is further down the street and it reminds him of a maze, which leads him to wonder if he is the rat.

“Ha ha, yes. . . that would be my luck.” He says to his dream-self.

This is the first time, even though he finds himself in this place nearly every night, Viktor is able to see this overview of the area. It is actually quite beautiful and he looks around somewhat amazed. Off to his left, rising up from behind a distant mountain range, is the largest full moon he has ever witnessed. Beneath nature’s light, he sees green rolling hills divided only by a few white gravel roads, which in the light of the moon, appear to glow as if lit from underneath. The buildings of the village are now soaked in their own rich tones as this light brightens them with depth and mystery.

To Viktor’s right, the lightning storm approaches with glowing clouds and gusts of wind, as if frantically traveling to snuff out the moons brightness. Rolling and rumbling, the squall seems to charge at him angry and determined, snapping a cold blast of mist-filled wind across his face. He cannot help but assume this to be a forerunner of what is to come, either here in his dream or possibly in his waking life.

“What are you trying to conceal?” Viktor mumbles in his dream as he watches the clouds overtake the radiance of the moon.

Ex 42

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