Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 43) Sprint

For Viktor, the recurring sequence of being in this village has never played out like this before. In the past, it is night, but a moonless one at best and with no clouds or storms in sight. This change in dynamics entices him and a feeling of excitement floods in for he knows tonight will be very different. Tonight he may finally move forward and begin a segment of new discoveries.

Slowly, Viktor begins walking down the road, the same road he has traveled many times. He has ventured into the various buildings in his prior dreams; in fact, it was one of the buildings, just the other night, that he discovered the new door. It was so strange, just appearing there on the wall that the other door had barely touched when opened all the way. The growling storm rumbles overhead pulling him back to his current state and just as he is about to duck into a business for safety, he sees her. Up ahead, several buildings in front of him is a girl he has caught only a glimpse of once or twice before. This time she is closer in distance and he begins to run to catch up.

“Hey!” He yells as he jogs after her.

She does not turn or act as if she hears him and she continues on her way, not increasing her steps but staying the same distance ahead of him.

“Ah I hate this!” Viktor says under his breath as he starts to sprint. “I’m running as fast as I can but making no headway at all. Hey! Please stop!” He yells at the young woman but again, he receives no response and no actions from her indicating she hears him.

Ex 43

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