Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 44) Defeated

Lightning bolts its way to the ground between Viktor and this mysterious young woman, causing him to nearly fall to his knees from the jolt. The earth is shaking under his feet as he tries to stand and the pounding rumble of thunder picks up in intensity. Holding his hands out to his sides, he steadies himself as he tries to catch a glimpse of the girl he wishes to communicate with.

There is something about her, something familiar but he does not remember working with her or meeting her before. He wonders if she reminds him of someone he met as a child, possibly in school but nothing clicks. Something is drawing him in her direction though and he knows he must find a way to speak with her. Perhaps she is a dream guide of sorts, or simply another dreaming traveler here in this world of mystery, yet there is a connection between them, he just knows it.

“Hey you!” He yells again as he begins walking forward. “Please stop!”

This time the young woman turns quickly to give him a glance, but then steps into one of the buildings just as rain begins to batter the ground. Viktor watches as the large drops move toward him and he raises the hood of his jacket to protect himself. Once at the door he believes she entered in to, he places his hand on the knob but it will not turn. He begins knocking at the door, softly at first but after no response, he pounds on it a little harder with his fist.

“Hello in there, will you please let me in?” He says in a calm voice but loud enough to be heard above the pelting rain. “I just want to talk to you, please.” He states with earnest as he leans his forehead on the pale lavender door as if defeated.

Ex 44

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