Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 45) Wall

After knocking a few times on the door that the woman entered into, there is still no answer. For some reason, this makes Viktor feel very sad, as if the love of his life is leaving him. Standing there, soaked with rainwater and extremely cold, he looks left and then right thinking he may possibly be at the wrong door. The storm is raging now and he knows he must take cover in order to protect himself from the elements. He also wants to make sure nothing drastic happens so he will continue dreaming. He does not want to wake up until he finds the mystifying girl who suddenly disappeared.

Shutting his eyes, he leans back from the door slightly as he uses his hand to wipe the rain from his face. When he looks up, the door is standing wide open exposing a dark entry hall immediately accessible to a staircase leading to upper floors. Stepping inside, all goes silent. Looking back at the street, the rain is pouring down with lightning flashing wildly, but absolutely no sound is coming from it. Viktor looks at the darkness at the top of the stairs.

“Hello?” He questions in a soft tone.

When he turns to close the main door behind him, he realizes he is in the exact room of his last dream. The one his alarm so rudely pulled him out of in the early morning hours. This is right where the strange new door appeared on the wall, but then just as he reached and grabbed hold of the knob, he was shocked into the waking world of morning routines and work. Here he is again, in this same spot as he moves the main door slightly and looks behind it hoping the new door is still there. Disappointed, the only thing exposed is a plain ordinary wall.

“How did I make that other door form? I just remember opening the regular door, and when I closed it, a new door had appeared on the wall.” He thinks to himself now more interested in this recurrence than finding the young woman who intrigues him so much.  With the main door open, he pauses and tries to recall exactly what he did before.

Ex 45

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4 responses

  1. No, Viktor! Don’t concentrate on the secret door, try to figure out where the girl is. This is making me worry about this man! xoxo

    July 30, 2016 at 6:01 pm

  2. Really great so far! I’d like to reblog Doors to Mirrors Overview on my Queen’s end blog in a few days, if okay by you?

    August 6, 2016 at 3:15 pm

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