Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 47) Dry

Viktor feels as if the wind has been knocked out of him, for his lungs and chest hurt with every breath he gasps. Slowly he opens his eyes and finds himself standing in the middle of a dirt road. The sun is bright, possibly mid-afternoon and the rolling hills around him look dry and thirsty. Turning in all directions, he realizes he is in a very isolated area with only a few trees placed here and there, but they do not seem to offer any shade.

No longer is he surrounded by buildings nor is he cold and wet. Quite to the contrary, he feels hot and parched as he starts walking in the direction he believes to be north. Dust from the road clouds around each step he takes and is slowly coating his shoes. His pants are covered from the knees down in a light brown powder. There are no birds or insects, nothing appears to be living except for the sparsely placed clumps of old trees filled with limp leaves. As he tops a gentle hill and looks far up ahead, the rooftop of a house comes into view. Trees and underbrush appear to surround it for he cannot actually see a structure. Much to his delight in viewing this interesting find, his energy level gains a boost and his pace quickens.

“I’m really going to be ticked off if this ends up being a mirage.” Viktor says in a mumble.

He tries to stay focused on the house and not the dry cracked feeling of his lips. He knows licking them will only make the condition worse, but he cannot help it. To him they feel like dry crackers and he has no saliva left to try to soothe their brittleness.

“Guess I should have filled one of my shoes with rainwater.” He laughs. “But who knew?”

Ex 47

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