Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 48) Dust

Viktor has a way of talking his way through life if no one is there to converse with, and he does quite well with his own narration. His active mind is ever thinking, which to most would be a bothersome problem, but to Viktor it is all he knows. With such a keen memory, he can quickly overcome most obstacles and deduce problems rapidly for an insanely fast resolve. One of the quickest ways for him to decipher a situation is to talk his way through the various aspects at play. In fact, this is what he is doing as he moves closer to the mysterious house.

“So everything is dead as far as the eye can see, just like my life,” he mumbles as he grins, “except for this strange oasis in the middle of it all.” He squints from the brightness of the sun as he continues to focus on the rooftop. “I’m so glad I got past the odd door in the rain, but I have to admit, I’m not sure that I’m going to like the direction this is going.” He states a bit worried. “Oh yeah, you just had to push the issue. I want to see what’s behind the door.” He mimics himself as saying. “And now you’re stuck in the desert like an idiot. Good job there Vik!” He says in a likeness of his supervisor at work. “And when the hell did I give him approval to call me Vik?” He grins out of sarcasm, shaking his head back and forth as he looks down at his dusty pant legs.

A puff of dust swirls up into Viktor’s face causing him to stagger as he tries to keep the granules out of his eyes. The grit stings so he blinks quickly and in doing so, stumbles and falls onto a plot of thick green grass.

“What?” He questions as he looks up.

To his amazement, he is in a lush shaded garden of pink, white, yellow and purple flowers. Before him is the house he was working so hard to travel to. However, it appears much smaller than what his eyes witnessed at a distance. All around him is moist rich soil and thick healthy plants as well as tall broad branched trees clustered with shiny green leaves.

Ex 48

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