Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 49) Doors

This forest appears to be deep and without end so Viktor stands up for a better look. Slowly he begins to turn around to look behind him and to his delight, the dusty barren grounds he was wandering through are nowhere in sight. Instead, a large smooth lake is in its place where just moments ago it was a wasteland. Even though he has never been to such an area, Viktor has the sense that he is high up on a massive mountain range.

“A calm lake in a dream.” He says to himself. “I’ve had to interpret this several times for others.” He grins. “So if I am lucky enough to find a setting like this in real life,” he looks at the small house, “then I will have security and peace of mind. Sweet!”

After spending a few moments in awe at his surroundings, Viktor turns toward the small wood and stone house. He is not sure if it is a cottage or a cabin, but since both are small in structure, it probably does not matter how he refers to it. As he steps closer to the entrance of this little place, he hears the sound of gurgling water and realizes there is a small brook running alongside the yard.

“Nice little additional touch to have for this cozy place.” He says as he holds his hand up, prepared to knock on the door.

Surprisingly, the latch clicks all by itself and the door slowly creeks open about the width of Viktor’s shoe. He stands extremely still, he even keeps his hand up in the knocking position, but nothing happens. He leans in closer to the opening to see if he can hear any movement inside but again, all is quiet.

“Well this should cause me to run like hell, but now I’m really intrigued.” He says in a whisper to himself as he laughs. “Hello?” He questions trying to sound serious. “What is my new motto?” He pauses for a second to think. “Oh yeah, you should always keep opening new doors.”

Ex 49

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