Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 50) Jinx

With the tips of his fingers on the wooden door, Viktor slowly nudges it open so he can enter the small house.

“Hello?” He says in a normal tone as to not frighten anyone if there does happen to be someone inside. “I know this is a dream but, I’ve managed to scare dream people before.” He mumbles to himself.

He walks into the main room of this little place and instantly feels relaxed. The fireplace is adorned with photographs and dried flowers that at one time would have been in full bright and brilliant bloom. Even in their dusty delicate state, they seem to add a softness to the area. There are three rooms off this one, and with a quick glance, he believes two are bedrooms and one is a kitchen.

In order to test his theory that a door will appear where he has opened another, he pushes the main door all the way back until it touches the wall. Fearing he will jinx this create-a-door effect, he shuts his eyes as he closes the front door, then slowly turns and looks at the wall.

“Well hell. . . it’s just a wall.” He states in a very disappointed manner. “Hello?” Viktor questions again but not at all expecting a reply. “I just needed to check one last time.” He mumbles as he steps into the kitchen. “Hum, let’s see where the back door leads.”

Ex 50

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