Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 51) Eager

Viktor quietly maneuvers through the small kitchen and opens the back door to take a look behind the house. It is much the same as the front, tall thick trees surrounded by low green healthy plantings near the ground and again he can hear the trickling sounds of the brook nearby. As he steps backward, into the kitchen, his foot catches on the door frame causing him to lose his footing and fall against the door. With a loud bang, it hits against the wall and he knows for sure he has caused damage.

“Well that probably left a big hole in the wall.” He says as he gains his footing. Wincing as he pulls the door toward him, he is surprised to see another door. “Wait a minute that was not here a second ago.” He grins. “Okay, this is awesome. Am I going to find doors behind every door I slam into a wall? I haven’t had time to investigate this place yet; do I want to even see what is behind this one?”

As eager as a child on his birthday, he grabs hold of the handle and turns it, popping the door open. With hesitation, he looks around the kitchen, glances back out the door to the rear of the cabin, and then looks once again at the entrance of the new door.

“Okay, I just need to remember how I got here because I need to replay this until I’ve had time to see all there is to see here. But damn, I can’t just walk away from this new door.” Viktor deduces aloud. “I’ll look inside but not enter. Yeah, that’s all I have to do.” He convinces himself.

Ex 51

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