Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 52) Window

Pulling back on the door with the slightest of ease, Viktor tips his head to the side to peek around for a quick look. What he finds is a room, pitch black but in the center is a large window or mirror, yet he cannot quite tell which it is. Nervously, Viktor looks back at the kitchen and closes the exterior door that leads outside and then steps inside the new doorway. Hoping his eyes will adjust; he stands still and is actually afraid to move for fear of falling, much as he did when he stepped through the last door that appeared on the wall. He thought he was on steps, but they soon gave way and he plummeted to this place of mystery. With this room being so dark, he cannot tell if it truly has a floor to it or not.

“I need a stick, or a broom, something I can tap the floor with.” He says as he turns back to the kitchen.

Luckily, very close by is a snow shovel leaning against the wall next to him. Afraid to let go of the door, fearing that if it closes it will disappear, he stretches to his left and grabs hold of the handle of the blue shovel.

“Ha ha!” He says in victory. “Now I won’t feel so unstable in this dark void.”

Holding the handle of the shovel, he taps it on the floor in front of him as he takes a step forward. His focus is on this glowing freestanding oblong in the center of the darkness. With a bit of hesitation, he takes another step and then turns back to look at the open door. He can still see into the kitchen of the cabin so he feels confident, if needed, that he could run back to the door for safety. Again, focusing on the center of the room, he takes another step and then more, all the while he is tapping the handle of the shovel on the floor to prove it is solid.

“It’s a window.” He whispers.

Ex 52

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