Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 54) Feelings

The woman does not respond to Viktor’s questions and just as he is about to toss another pebble at the mirror, loud pounding music echoes from his right and the darkness turns into a dim yellow light as the glow from the streetlights streak in through the curtains of his bedroom. He left them open by accident because he went to bed so early the night before. Blinking his eyes open, he finds himself in his apartment, in bed, and his alarm sounding loudly alerting him it is time to get ready for work.

Small songbirds are singing from the trees as Nadja walks out the backdoor of the cottage and takes in a deep breath. The misty world that greeted her earlier in the day has transformed into a beautiful landscape of early fall foliage, gentle breezes, and the bluest sky she has ever seen. It is as if the world around her cleansed itself in crystal-clear water over night. She herself feels as refreshed and renewed as this magical place appears and a broad smile fills her face in a rosy glow.

“Oh it is so beautiful here.” She says as she steps out onto the small wooden deck.

She thinks of Carl’s thoughtfulness in bringing her the cinnamon roll for breakfast and wonders if he misses spending time here. His cabin is not quite as big as this cottage, nor does his land carry the views and abundance of nature like Aunt Josephine’s. However, it is a cabin nestled in the mountains and that is about as good as it gets. Nadja cannot imagine a more peaceful existence than living out her days here on the ridge.

“I know Aaron will never have the respect or feelings for me, like Carl has for you dearest Auntie.” Nadja says as she leans on the wooden railing. “He never thinks of others like that.”

Ex 54

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