Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 55) Talk

A chill comes over Nadja just as the words leave her lips and she suddenly feels vulnerable, almost fearful, as if someone is watching her. Glancing around at the dense forest growth, she wonders if someone is out there hiding and observing her every move. Immediately, Aaron’s face enters into her mind. She slowly backs away from the edge of the deck and slips into the kitchen, closing and locking the door behind her. Just as she turns away from the door her phone rings, Aaron’s name is showing on the display.

“No, that is too coincidental.” Nadja says as she glances out the window to view the back part of the property. “I’m not going to answer it.” She mumbles as she sets her phone on the kitchen table and backs away from it. “Is he here watching me?”

The ringing of the phone stops but shortly after, a voicemail alert sounds and Nadja can feel her heart rate rising. It is an anxious feeling for she knows his message will be full of hate and nasty comments. He was so angry with her when she left yet surprisingly calm too, which is almost worse. Her mind begins to think of all the ways he may attempt to get back at her as she slowly walks over to where her phone sits on the table. The screen is no longer showing the alert, and just as she reaches down to pick up her phone to activate her messages, it begins ringing again. Dropping it on the table, she takes two steps back. Aaron’s photo and name appear once again but this time, after she does not answer, he does not leave a message.

The room is quiet and Nadja runs to the window that sits above the kitchen sink. She looks out, scanning the line of trees waiting to see Aaron step into the sunlight but there is no movement, nothing but the wind and birds as they flutter about. Taking her phone into her hand, she walks to the front of the cottage and peers through the lace curtains to see if anything is amiss out in the front garden. Her heart is pounding loudly now as she tries to keep calm. Looking at the phone in her hand, she presses the button to activate it and taps the screen to hear voice messages.

“Hi sweetie, it’s me, Aaron.” There is a slight pause. “I miss you baby, wish you were with me. Today I am in Barcelona, my favorite city in the world as you well know.” Again, there is a pause. “Call me back, we need to talk.”

Ex 55

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