Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 59) Everyone

The blog is lighting up with comments and questions as Viktor tries to keep up with everyone. As expected from this group of interesting individuals, he is getting advice on what each specific detail might mean. Some even speculate there are hidden messages in all of the events he passed through. Although he does take his dreams seriously for the most part, he also knows when to deduce an event as stress related or some other emotional aspect of his personality. Most of the replies are way off target and he cannot help but laugh at the explosion of the groups somewhat helpful suggestions.

Two hours have passed and with the blog slowing down in interest, Viktor is about to sign out when he notices a familiar blogger has just joined the message run.

“Hi VikT1000, I just signed in and caught the last part of this blog run. Sounds like you were busy last night.” Nadja comments and adds a happy face to the end of her note.

After she read through a couple of her aunts journals, Nadja began to feel hungry which placed her back in the kitchen and near her phone. When she looked down at the screen, Aaron tried to call one more time before giving up for the night. To take her mind off the issue, she signed into the dream site and noticed Viktor’s run of messages and comments.

“Well SoapSuds1920s, I didn’t expect to see you chime in.” Viktor types and then follows with, “I kind of got the impression you didn’t want to talk much.”

Nadja reads this quick reply from Viktor and then she pauses for a minute, wondering to herself, was she really so obvious the last time they spoke? Starting at the beginning, she reads his post hoping to come across what it is everyone seems to be so excited about. It would be nice to assist him in deciphering his nighttime wanderings. After all, he helped her tremendously with just one little statement about her spider issue. What could it hurt to add a few lines to this blog run? As she is reading, another minute passes and she notices that Viktor has now signed off.

“Well, I guess he thought I was not going to answer him back again.” Nadja mumbles a bit disappointed. “Oh, what does it matter anyhow, I really do not need to be chatting with anyone at this stage in my life. What do I expect to gain with an online friendship anyhow? It’s not like that will ever go anyplace, not when you usually end up being half the world away, and especially not while Aaron is in the picture. Plus, it’s not like this blogger and I have anything special in common anyhow, everyone dreams at night.”

Ex 59

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