Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 60) Message

As Nadja’s attention goes back to Viktor’s statements, she now realizes what it was that caused everyone to start chattering in such rapid form.

“Doors that open to other doors,” she reads, “now that is very interesting.”

Suddenly, while focusing deeply on Viktor’s writings, Nadja’s phone rings in her hands and Aaron’s picture fills the screen. Even though she felt at ease, this startles her and she drops the phone back down onto the table rather hard. Standing still, she quietly watches as the ringing stops and after a pause, the dreaded voicemail notification sounds off. It had been a few hours since he last tried to call and she knows with this third attempt, he will not be happy at being ignored. She lifts the phone to her ear and begins to listen to his message.

“Nadja, I know you are avoiding me, I’m not stupid. I also know you are listening to my messages and I need to warn you right now, you better pick up the phone the next time I ring in.” Aaron sounds angry, frustrated and determined. “You know how far I will go and that should scare the hell out of you. I will not be ignored and you will do as I say. So sit back beautiful, worry about the next move, and you better have that phone in your hand ready to answer when I call back.” He sounds as if he is gritting his teeth. “Talk with you soon, sweetness.”

A flush of color fills Nadja’s face as she becomes dizzy with fear. She softly sets the phone back on the table and raises her hand to her mouth. This is a true threat and she takes Aaron’s words very seriously. Looking around the kitchen, she tries to think of ways to secure the cottage. Aaron has never been here with her, but if he has indeed had someone tracking her, then there is no hiding place safe enough.

“What if he has someone hiding in the woods? What if he is coming here after his business trip?” She says as she paces from the kitchen window to the living room window. “Should I call Carl? No, no I cannot put him in harm’s way. Oh god what am I going to do?”

Ex 60

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