Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 61) Go

Nadja is not thinking clearly and with this recent turn of events, she completely realizes how badly she needs to escape Aaron’s hold. The short moments of her wishing he missed her have all vanished as the painful memories flood in and anxiety chokes the breath from her. A dizzy feeling to the room causes her to take a seat on the sofa to keep herself from passing out. She is hyperventilating and her eyes are losing the ability to see, as the room seems to grow darker.

With the long day over and his contribution to the dream site complete, Viktor prepares for bed. Heavy eyes and a slight headache only add to the distortion of the three bottles of beer he consumed. After a very swift brush of his teeth, he slides into bed and lets the cool sheets fall in around him. The only thing on his mind as he closes his eyes is the door that leads to the room with the mirror. He wishes he could make contact with the young woman behind the glass, which is his goal as he rolls over onto his left side and slows his breathing.

It is not a matter of patience to Viktor, it is a matter of strength and control. Once he realizes he is dreaming, his ability to press through those hazy insensible and lackluster segments that first seep into his wandering brain is uncanny. It becomes obvious to him rather quickly that he is wasting time. Viktor knows he must assert his ability to manipulate this dream world before night turns to day and all is lost. At this moment, he has been in a deep sleep for nearly an hour. The images in his mind are not interesting nor are they a challenge and none of them apply to the cabin and the girl on the other side of the mirror.

“So here I am at work with no pants on and a half eaten chocolate éclair is sitting on my desk.” His dream-self says with disgust. “This is stupid. Number one, I tend to wear pants, number two I never eat donuts! So, this vision needs to go!”

Ex 61

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