Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 62) Quiver

From his dream state office cubicle, Viktor focuses on his own reflection in the window, but with the commotion of his co-workers walking back and forth, he tries to look past the mirror-like effect the glass presents. Then he sees it, a bright yellow leaf and instantly he zeros in on it. Just one slightly yellow transformation of fall is in his sights. Closing his eyes, he envisions the cabin he found the night before and as the image becomes clearer and the sounds more audible, he opens his eyes to find he has placed himself exactly where he wanted to be. The door to the cabin is slightly ajar and songbirds are fluttering all around in a delightful frenzy.

“Well well well, what have we here?” Viktor can feel himself grin. “Damn I’m good.”

Pushing his hand against the wooden door, he swings it open allowing sunshine to stream in causing golden streaks to run across the worn wooden floor. The sun is setting low in the sky and as he steps between it and the doorway; he believes it to be nearing five o’clock. His shadow stretches out across the floorboards and this causes him to smirk.

“Well would you look at that, I have a five o’clock shadow.” He says in a joking tone.

“Who are you?” A female voice questions loudly but not in a demanding way.

Startled to hear a voice in a place he thought to be vacant, Viktor turns and finds a woman sitting on the sofa, calm and at ease with her hands folded in her lap. She does not seem to be frightened by his appearance here in what he believes to be her home, and she stays seated instead of standing in defense.

“I. . . I am so sorry, I didn’t realize anyone lived here.” Viktor states, he can hear a quiver in his voice.

“I do, live here that is.” The woman says in a soft tone. “Are you nervous? You sound shaky. Do you need to sit down?”

Viktor never loses his cool and he almost laughs at her questions yet, she is right, he feels nervous. Looking around, all of the details are exactly as he remembers from his previous dream, so he knows he is in the right place. Yet, never has he experienced an encounter like this. He feels as if he is invading this woman’s privacy, but it is just a dream, a fantasy world, yet she acts as if she too knows this.

“Are you hungry?” The woman asks as she stands up, walks behind him, and closes the door.

“Umm, no I do not believe I am.” Viktor replies now intrigued as to which direction this odd little house will take him next.

Ex 62

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