Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 63) Inviting

“So, how long have you lived here?” Viktor questions and there is a slight pause before the woman answers.

“I believe several lifetimes.” She says as she straightens one of the sheer curtains hanging across the window.

Her back is to Viktor, which tells him right away that she does not fear him. She pulls her long brown hair to one side as she moves from the lace curtain to fiddle with the throw pillows on the sofa. She is attractive and seems kind but he does not believe this is the woman from his recurring dreams, even though her features are much the same. No, this woman is older but not old enough to have gray hair. One thing he does know for sure is that he finds her answer to his question to be very interesting, so he decides to continue to seek information.

“So how is it that one knows they have lived many lifetimes?” Viktor quizzes now feeling more like himself.

“Because, like yourself, I see further and know more than those venturing through for the first or second time.” The woman says in a matter of fact way. “You can manipulate your dream travels very well young man.”

Without a pause to her last statement, the woman raises her arm and points to the main door of the house. Viktor grins for he feels this is her way of asking him to leave. However, as he turns toward the door in respect of her command to go, he realizes there is a door on the wall, right next to the entry door. The dark wood and gold toned handle do not match the rest of the room and he knows for a fact, this door was not here the first time he ventured to this cabin. He remembers the disappointment he felt when he checked upon entering. As he turns to confirm this with the woman, he realizes she is gone.

“Um, hello? Ma’am?” Viktor questions as he leans back to gain a view into the bedrooms and kitchen. “Are you still here?”

A silent hush has fallen over him as if his ears are stuffed with cotton. The inner thoughts in his mind are loud and almost echoing as he tries to process what he is experiencing. Turning back around he hears a click and the new door opens as if inviting him in.

Ex 63

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