Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 64) Cathedral

“I like to run the show,” Viktor says barely audible, “and this come-hither from the door is kind of creeping me out, I can’t lie.”

He slowly approaches the opening and looks in at the darkness. With each step he takes, the area begins to lighten slightly and soon he walks through the dim area into a large room. Stone pillars stand tall in this cathedral setting and the coolness of the stone causes him to shiver. The ceiling of this massive place is nearly four stories tall and long slender glassless windows streak the walls in amber light.

“Amazing.” Viktor says as he looks up in awe at this magnificent scene. “What on earth am I walking through?”

Every echoing step taken reverberates for several seconds as it blends in with the next movement. The area is open, no furniture of any kind disturbs the graceful curves of the archways or the smoothness of the floor. Viktor’s rational mind tells him this is a pointless addition to the current dream but the overwhelming feeling he has of being in such a grand place has him smiling.

“I’ve always said my dream world is beyond anything my real life can offer.” He grins. “Why can’t I just stay here?”

It is at this moment he notices he is not alone. Deeper into the room standing next to a pillar is a woman. From this distance, he is not positive but she appears to be the woman from the cabin, yet she is dressed in different clothing and her hair is up in a loose bun near the nape of her neck. Her gaze is not upon him, instead she is looking forward and seems very intent on what is holding her focus. The closer he gets the more he can see her eyes are filled with anguish and tears are slowly, one by one slipping down her cheeks as if in slow motion.

“What is it? Ma’am? Are you alright?” Viktor questions as he follows the direction she is looking.

To his surprise, standing across the way is a large wooden cabinet and cut into the center is a tall full-length mirror. It is the only piece of furniture in the entire place and not until he steps directly in front of it does he realize he is now inside the cabinet, looking out through the glass. He does not see a reflection of himself, nor that of the woman, in fact, she and the massive room are now gone. He is standing inside walls of solid wood that smell thick with lacquer and sawdust and this backside to the mirror appears to be full of mist or fog. He wonders, what image did the woman see that brought tears to her eyes and why does he now find himself trapped in this confined space?

Ex 64

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