Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 65) Gushing

Pressing his fingers up to the glass, Viktor wants to make sure this is not some sort of fairytale trick where he is supposed to step through to a different dimension or place.

“No, it’s solid.” He says as he taps the glass with his knuckle.

As if this was a command of some sort, the fog quickly flows away in all directions much as it would if a gust of wind blew through the dense moist air. The rapid dissipation exposes a bedroom and across the way is a window. Taking time to focus in on the details, Viktor recognizes this to be the same room he observed the night prior, but now he can tell that someone is outside the cabin looking in. It appears to be a man, fairly tall in height and with very short hair. As this suspicious individual tips his head from side to side, it is obvious he is balding in the back, but most noticeable are his very prominent broad shoulders. The expression upon the man’s face is not that of wonder but of complete determination and anger.

Movement in the bed redirects Viktor’s eyes and he quickly recognizes the young woman from his previous dreams. The resemblance to the older woman he started this mysterious adventure with is uncanny and he knows they must be related in some way. With a startled expression, the young woman leaps from the bed and backs away from the window so quickly that she knocks the lamp to the floor.

“What the?” Viktor questions to himself. “What is going on here?” He wonders as he continues to observe this interaction.

Pounding hard on the window, the man looks menacing and evil as his appearance becomes more determined and violent. Bang! Both of his fists hit the glass and the woman lets out a frightened scream as she slides along the wall trying to make her way to the doorway of her room. Passing in front of the mirror, Viktor places his hand on the glass thinking he can touch her or pull her to safety, but in no way does his action change things.

“I warned you!” Yells the man as he grits his teeth and lashes out at the window once again with his fists.

This angry man appears to be growing in size as he watches the movement of the woman in the room. Knowing this is a dream, Viktor tries to remind himself that it is a trick of the eye and a subconscious reaction to something in his daily life, but this does not change the rush of adrenaline that is gushing through his veins at this moment.

Ex 65

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