Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 66) Relax

Quickly, the young woman dashes toward the doorway of her room then disappears into the darkness of the adjoining space. Glancing back at the window, it is now empty of the ominous male who seems so determined to gain entry. Suddenly, there is a crashing loud noise as if a door has just been broken down so violently that the cabinet Viktor is in even shakes in response. The screams that follow are deafening and distressing to such a level that Viktor jumps, nearly leaping out of bed in fear.

“Holy. . .!” Viktor yells as he sits up in his bed ready to defend himself against some unseen enemy.

The clock in his bedroom reads 3:33 a.m. and the sweat beads on his forehead feel cold to his skin as he sits in the darkness of his room. Still unsure if he is awake or asleep, Viktor looks toward his window at the thin curtains holding back the light of the street lamps. They only allow a pale blue tint to filter through into the room. Shaking, he gets out of bed and stands in the middle of his room, listening as if expecting to hear the woman scream once again, but nothing happens and his heart begins to slow its pace as he forces his body to relax.

“What the hell just happened?” He questions to himself as thunder rumbles nearby. “Oh, I bet we are in for a storm. Maybe that explains the loud crashing sounds in my dream, but. . . I have never experienced strong interactions like this before.”

He runs his hands through his sweaty hair as he walks to the kitchen of his apartment for a glass of water. Glancing at the clock on the microwave oven, he shakes his head and decides that since he is usually up by five o’clock, he might as well stay awake and be constructive with his time. Pulling his chair up to his desk, he sits down and opens his laptop.

“Time to add a few tidbits to my blog, they are going to love this!” Viktor says as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes.

Ex 66

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