Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 68) Details

At the bottom right corner of the window, Nadja can see a branch of the plant pressed up against the glass and as the wind blows, the stem moves. Again, the strange sound occurs as she continues watching it move across the windowpane.

“Debunked.” She says with confidence. “Now back to VikT1000’s weird dream.

As she sits down once again, she begins to read the blog where she left off, which happens to be Viktor’s description of how the older woman pointed to the new door in the room. He explains the creepy feeling that came over him when he turned to confirm with her that this is what she was expecting him to see, but states she had vanished into thin air, she was just. . . gone.

“Okay, now that is a bit spooky.” Nadja thinks to herself.

She looks out through her bedroom door to the sofa in the living room. It is uncanny at how many of the details VikT1000 is writing about match up nearly perfect with the layout and furnishings of the cottage. So much so, that Nadja steps around the door frame to inspect the wall for a mystery door.

“Yes, it is getting late and you are spooking yourself.” She laughs.

She returns to her seat and the blog just as Viktor begins to tell of the older woman standing in the grand cathedral type of room. He describes how bad it made him feel to see her crying and how odd it was to find himself inside the wooden cabinet looking through the mirror. Nadja glances at the tall deep stained wardrobe cabinet of her bedroom. Once again, it is frightening reading his details for they resemble so many of the items around her.

“Hey VikT1000, have you been snooping around my house?” Nadja grins as she hits enter, adding her comment to his page.

“Ha ha. No.” He replies to Nadja. “Does this dream place sound familiar? Do you dream about it too by chance?”

With a laugh, she starts to reply. However, as she continues to read on, and the man at the window enters the story, a chill rushes across her shoulders. It is Aaron, there is no doubt that the man at the window in VikT1000’s dream is him, but this isn’t possible. How could this total stranger know so much about her life and the place she lives if they have never met?

Ex 68

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