Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 69) Privacy

“Oh,” Nadja says under her breath. “What if I’m being tricked?” She looks behind her at the window. “Am I being set up?” She quizzes as she looks back at Viktor’s writing. “Is this Aaron on the other end of the blog? But it can’t be, this blogger helped me with my spider dream when I was still with Aaron, what would have been the motive for Aaron to be on the blog at that time?” She nervously bites her bottom lip. “No, Viktor is just a guy with vivid dreams, I’m putting more thought into this than I should. I’m tired and I’m building things up in my mind.”

“SoapSuds1920s, are you still with me?” Viktor asks. “I must tell you, I’d like to talk to you off line if that is the case, you know, if I am describing your home. Think of how cool that would be if I am seeing your house!” He hits enter then quickly follows with, “Yet, since you feel some of my descriptions closely resemble your everyday life, I hate to go on with this blog tonight, especially if you are heading off to bed.” Viktor explains. “It gets a little rough.”

This last sentence bothers Nadja for she can only imagine how Aaron would act if he was attempting to gain entry into the cottage. There would be no holding back and he would do everything from breaking windows to knocking down doors just to get at her. Another trickle of fear rushes down her spine and she shivers. It feels to her as if the temperature has dropped dramatically in the room.

“I am still here.” She replies to Viktor’s question. “You are correct, it is late where I am and I must get some sleep.” I will sign off now so you can finish your story. It might be best if I catch up with it in the morning.”

Nadja has no intention of signing off the blog at this point. No matter how bad the rest of the story is, she feels she must hear it. Viktor is describing so many of the items around her and in dramatic detail. It is almost as if he is standing, right here in the room with her, listing all that he can see. Again, she turns to look behind her at the exposed window. Quickly, she dashes toward it, pulling the thin curtains over the glass to gain a little privacy.

“Here I am, in a safe house, in the middle of the woods and I’m running around like a frightened child.” She says to herself as she peeks out to double check the chair she propped under the door handle is still there. “I need to secure the back door as well.” She says as she heads to the kitchen.

Returning to her room and the laptop after placing the other kitchen chair under the handle of the back door, she reads what VikT1000 has posted. True to what he stated, that things became a bit rough toward the end of his dream, she reads his words with intensity.

Ex 69

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