Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 70) Fate

“I watched her flee the room,” Viktor writes on his blog, “but being inside the cabinet and behind the glass, I was helpless in assisting her. The next thing I hear is a massive crashing sound, like a truck running through a building! I even felt the massive earthquake like eruption in the cabinet!” Viktor methodically types. “That episode was bad enough, but nothing compared to the succession of screams from that beautiful girl that set me straight up in bed! I have never heard anything like that before in my life. It was horrific and sad and it literally jolted me out of my dream!”

Gasps and comments come flooding in from all of Viktor’s followers as they discuss the story he just told. A few of his closer friends even joke that he has reverted back to the childhood night terrors that used to pull him awake nearly every night at eleven o’clock. Most seem to be shocked with the level of fear and anguish he just described to them.

Nadja is now staring at the screen of her laptop wishing she had not lied to Viktor by stating she would sign off and read his note later. She wishes she truly had left the blog, for now she does not know if she will be able to sleep. Not after the direct description of where she is currently staying along with the many unknown factors that caused the girl in the dream to scream with such despair. It is frightening and she almost believes this scene may be a premonition of her true fate.

As Nadja rubs her hands up and down her arms quickly to warm them from the dampness in the room, she wonders if Viktor is like her aunt Josephine. Can he see the future and if so, is this a foretelling of what she herself will go through? Furthermore, is there anything that can be done to change the outcome? Yet again, could this all be a ploy put into action by Aaron to draw her back to him? Is he feeding her fear and creating this situation all to teach her a lesson and to dread being alone? Has the persona of VikT1000 been put into play as some elaborate game Aaron is playing?

Ex 70

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