Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 71) Sam

Nadja knows how crazy all of this sounds, but her trust has been shattered so many times that she no longer knows who is a friend or who may be a foe. One single step in the wrong direction, one gesture of kindness turned against her, or one moment of letting her guard down and her entire life may take a drastic turn that she may never recover from. She knows this as fact and it frightens her to the bone.

“Oh no, SoapSuds. I just realized you are still online.” Viktor types in a private message to Nadja. “I thought you were signing off, if I had realized this sooner, I would have delayed my story. I hope in comparing the facts of my dream world to your true world they have made a split. I mean. . . I hope none of this is an accurate depiction of your daily life.”

Unsure if she should respond, Nadja pauses in her thoughts. The rambling of her mind keeps trying to twist and combine the possibility of Aaron acting as Viktor but, it cannot be possible. He is capable of many things, but going to this much of an elaborate stage does seem a bit exaggerated.

“Hi Viktor, it is alright. I was the one who said I was signing off so no worries. No, this is not my everyday life, however I have been known to make a few bad decisions which could very well take me down such a path. I should probably try to be a little more careful, huh?” She replies.

“Yes, when you put it that way, please be careful. My name is Viktor, by the way. It is nice to meet you, again.” He states in his note to her and then adds. “Hey, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m a light sleeper and tend to wake up a lot through the night. So shoot me a note and I will respond, you know, if you want to chat. I just thought I’d toss that out there.”

Shocked to hear this openness with a total stranger, Nadja surprisingly feels comforted by Viktor’s words. However, to keep her identity a secret, she decides to reply with a fake name. The first one that comes to mind is Sam. He is the owner of the small store near the train station and is a good friend of Carl’s. Besides, the name Sam is valid for both men and women.

Ex 71

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