Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 72) Quiet

“Hello Viktor, it is nice to meet you too, for a second time. My friends call me Sam.” Nadja types and Viktor immediately replies.

“I assume Sam is short for Samantha, which is a lovely name. So I’m holding out for the day when I will be allowed to call you Sam as well.” He adds a happy face to the end of his note.

This simple gesture of using her name, that is the fake one Nadja supplied, makes her grin. Viktor seems to be very kind and unassuming in his manners and actions and she cannot help but believe he is being honest with her.

“You can call me Sam now, if you like.” She replies.

“Outstanding!” Viktor replies while smiling that she has accepted him as a friend.

After this quick exchange, the two say goodnight and Nadja finally signs off the blog. With her laptop closed, she is sitting in darkness except for the small lantern style lamp next to her bed. She turns and looks out at the dark adjoining room.

“Aunt Josephine, are you hear protecting me?” She says in a low almost whisper type tone. “Are you visiting Viktor in his dreams?” She looks toward her bedroom window, almost expecting to see Aaron standing there. “Please don’t let me go through this alone.”

She stands silent for a moment and then walks over to her bed, slips out of her clothes and slides in between the sheets. Pulling the blanket up for warmth she can tell the wind outside has died down, and aside from the random hoot from a nearby owl, all is quiet and serene.

Ex 72

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