Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 73) Cold

Two days have passed with no nighttime dream explorations to the village Viktor has visited nearly every night. His dreams have taken him here so many times that he has memorized the street and building grid of this quaint yet historic looking place. Not only does this frustrate him because of his love of this strange place, but because he wishes to look in on the young woman who appears to him through the mirror.

When he last saw her, she was frightened, being taunted and played with by an angry man, and he cannot get the sound of her screams out of his head. The odd correlation of his visions resembling the place where his new friend lives is disturbing. If he can describe her home in such detail, then has something happened to her causing what he saw while sleeping to come true? He has signed into the dream blog five times and found no notes or leads with Soapsuds1920s as the name.

“I hope Sam is alright.” Viktor says about Nadja. “It’s weird but, that name just does not fit her. Oh well, what do I know?” He pauses and then laughs. “I know one thing I am focused on at the moment. It’s Friday and my vacation starts at the end of the day, that’s what!”

With the comment he just stated to himself, he smiles as he slips his work shoes on and grabs his cell phone. Even though he checked, only fifteen minutes ago for any messages from the blog, he opens the application and scrolls through his list of friends and followers. Disappointed that there is nothing waiting for him, he shoves his phone into the pocket of his jacket and goes out the door of his apartment. The air is very chilly in this early morning hour and he shivers as he quickly walks to his car.

“Wow, a cold front must have come through or something.” He mumbles as he starts the vehicle. “Why am I so worried about Sam?”

Viktor blows on his fingers that are tingling from exposure to the cold as he waits for the heat from his car to kick in. Frost has gathered on his windows and he leans over the passenger seat to check the glove box for his ice scraper.

“Ah sweet, my gloves are in here too.” He grins.

Ex 73

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