Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 76) Months

“Oh dear girl, don’t worry. I didn’t say a word. Even though I know he is probably your boyfriend or something, I never give out personal information.” The woman grins. “However, he said he wanted to stay in town for a bit, as a type of vacation or something.”

“Oh, okay. Thank you, Minerva. If you don’t mind, I really do not want company, you know, so close to Aunt Josephine’s passing and I am not expecting any visitors. I have a lot to take care of so I truly appreciate you not sharing my whereabouts.” Nadja states in a quiet tone. “If he comes back, please do the same.

“Oh, alright dear.” Minerva replies with a questioning glance. “So he is not your better half? I thought for sure you would know who he is.” She says a bit shocked but mostly nosy and with Nadja staying silent, she decides to end the conversation. “Well absolutely, I will tell him we have not seen you for months. Okay?”

“Thank you, yes. That sounds very good to me.” Nadja says as she gives the woman a hug.

Nadja does not know Minerva very well and to completely trust her is not an option. For all she knows, the woman could be the town gossip seeking something new to start spreading. Quickly stepping over to the shadowed portion of the sidewalk, Nadja swiftly makes her way to the train station for her trip back up the mountain. The panic in her is immense and her heart is nearly pounding out of her chest.

In no way does she want an encounter with Aaron for she knows how he plays games. He will tempt her, hold her and be a gentle lover just to trick her back into the submissive and timed person she was only a few days prior. She actually feels stronger now, more awake and alive than she ever has. Yet now, after this short conversation she is hiding again, and praying she can flee the open streets of this little village before being spotted by the man she fears so much.

Ex 76

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