Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 77) Down

As she boards the train, Nadja is pleased to see only a small handful of travelers aboard as she takes a seat near the window. It is not until she stops moving, and her mind begins to settle, that the images VikT1000 shared about his dreams begin to creep into her thoughts. The woman in the cabin, the large angry man at the window, the screams. . . she takes in a quick breath that even sounds loud to her own ears. Two of the other passengers glance in her direction but then go on about their business.

As the train pulls away from the station, questions begin to build and Nadja feels she must reach out to Viktor tonight for more answers. She is convinced that he has connections to other worlds, much like her aunt had, and the intense dream he had is a premonition of things to come. In any way possible, Nadja wishes to avoid the final scene that he described and she knows, without a doubt, this mysterious blogger on the web can help her. One thing that puzzles her is the fact that this perfect stranger is somehow connecting with her. What is it that has become a common thread between them that they are interlinked? Why is she appearing in his dreams and has she simply not noticed him in her own?

As soon as Viktor enters his apartment, he heads straight for his laptop. The normal routine of changing clothes and grabbing a beer is out of sync for he is focused on reaching out to Soapsuds1920s who he now calls Sam.

“Damn it!” He says loudly as he thrusts his fists down on his thighs. “The site is down! Why is the site down? It has never had a problem before!”

He stands up and walks over to the large sliding glass door that leads out to his balcony. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he tries to log in but receives the same statement. Site is currently under maintenance. As he takes a few steps back, he tosses his phone down on the sofa and turns to look out the balcony doorway. After staring at the gloomy gray sky, he runs his hands through his hair in an irritated manner as the clouds darken even more and it begins to rain. Leaving his sliding door open, Viktor steps back into the apartment, loosens his tie from his neck, and his shirt from his pants. He then walks over to the kitchen and takes a beer out of the refrigerator.


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