Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 78) Nothing

Lying back on the sofa, Viktor puts his feet up and stuffs a pillow behind him to support his head. Sipping his drink, he is quiet as he stares out at the rain clouds and the cold air that is drifting in through the screen of the sliding door. Reaching over, he tries to enter the dream website once again but the result remains the same. Out of frustration, he finishes his beer and leans back in a more relaxed position as he closes his eyes.

“My vacation starts now and I’m stuck in a hole.” He whispers before drifting off to sleep.

After arriving at her stop on the ridge of the mountain, Nadja begins her hour-long walk up the path to the cottage. She glances over and through the trees and can see lights on in Carl’s cabin but is certain he is still down in the valley at the factory.

“Hum, he must have left them on by accident.” She says to herself as she glances behind her to make sure she is not being followed. “It is getting dark earlier, maybe he does not like to come home to a bleak house, I can definitely understand that line of thinking.” She says just under her breath as she continues on her way.

It is early evening and the fall breeze rushing along the side of the mountain has a definite bite to it. Nadja buttons up the jacket she is wearing and begins to think about winter and the heavy snow that will be falling within a month or two. The quiet peaceful silence that comes with a deep snow sounds so appealing to her now for she craves it, silence that is.

She wishes her mind would stop waffling back and forth between thoughts of Aaron. At one moment, she is thankful to be away from him and within seconds, she wishes he would at least be missing her. Then at the next turn, she tears up thinking about the humiliating ways he degraded her. The memories come flooding into her mind and each time this cycle repeats, it pushes her into a negative state where she begins to hate herself.

“How could I have been so stupid?” She says while gritting her teeth and clinching her fists. “How dumb does a person have to be to allow someone to abuse them like I let him treat me? Why is my self-worth no concern to him, why is it nothing to me?”


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