Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 79) Hurry

Nadja’s steps become faster and more deliberate as her mind contemplates the worries that surround her. The path along the ridge is dark for the hour of the day due to the shadowing of the sun by the tall mountain, but she does not seem to notice. With her mind so busy, she is walking without realizing the beauty around her.

“I’m very smart and have worked very hard to be respected. So how is it that he took all of that away? Why did I betray my own feelings and beliefs about myself by becoming something I never wanted to be?” She mumbles with regret.

Suddenly there is a loud sound in the woods just off the path to her right and it stops Nadja in her tracks. She cannot tell if it was a rock thrown on purpose or if a branch fell from a tree. Startled and with a deep sense of fear, she stares into the thick growth waiting for any movement to draw her eyes to the culprit. Her heart is beating so heavily that she can feel her pulse in the tips of her fingers.

Turning to look behind her on the path, she watches for anyone who may be following but the curve and low tree branches are blocking most of her view. She fully expects Aaron to show up at the cottage tonight, he is probably following her now, and she feels the need to run.

At a very fast pace, she begins walking as quickly as possible but the feeling of someone closing in pushes her anxiety to an increased level. With constant glances all around, she thinks of a possible way to lose Aaron if he is indeed trailing along behind her.

To her left is a small hut for use by the forest rangers for various supplies they may need when on patrol. It is the halfway point of her walk to the cottage, or if turning back, to Carl’s cabin. Quickly, Nadja darts off the trail and runs as fast as she can to the north side of the tiny building where there are several stacks of firewood covered by tarps.

Ducking behind the neatly stacked logs, she kneels down and watches the trail through a small division in the wood. Silencing her phone, she sends a text to Carl explaining she fears someone is following her. He immediately replies by saying he is on his way and she tries to slow her breathing.

“It will take him half an hour to get here and that is if he is already at his cabin. Oh please hurry Carl.” She thinks to herself.


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