Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 80) Steadfast

The cold rain and stormy weather that eased Viktor into a nap has transferred itself into his dream as he steps out onto the cobblestone street. The stones look shiny and slick with rain and as he begins walking, he can see his breath on the wind.

“Damn it’s cold.” He states to himself in his dream world. “Well at least I’m back!” He grins as he recognizes this village as his home away from home. “Why am I asleep?” He ponders.

He then remembers his need to reach out to his friend Sam. He wants to get in touch with her to discuss how strange it is for him to be visiting her, apparently in his sleep.

“The site was down. Now I remember.” He says as he walks directly to the building where the first odd door appeared. “I’m coming in!” He yells as he pushes the door all the way open to a dark and empty room.

Sure enough, as soon as he swings the door shut, the other door is exposed. Without any hesitation or doubt, he turns the knob and enters the darkness within. Viktor loves the fact that he can manipulate this world. He knows now, without a doubt that stepping through the newly exposed doorway will take him to the right place. He no longer fears falling or being hurt for he has been through this process enough to know better. Walking through the empty darkness he only thinks of one thing.

“Take me to the cabin.” He says aloud.

Without any pause between the words leaving his lips, he finds himself on a thin gravel path that curves along the side of a mountain. The position of the sun indicates to him it is late afternoon and there is tension in the air. It seems to encompass Viktor, causing him to feel slightly agitated.

“I recognize the landscape but wow, I would rather not have this creepy feeling biting at the back of my neck.” Viktor says with a shiver as he stops to look both ways on the path. “I guess I’m going in the right direction,” he pauses, “it feels like I’m moving uphill anyway.”

The air is cool and it is nipping at his fingers, which causes him to utilize the pockets of his jacket. The warmth of the thick lining feels soft and cozy against his hands allowing him to shift his focus back to the path he is walking on.

“Okay, I have to remember this part when I wake up. To my right I am catching a glimpse of a large lake, which matches up to my first visit here.” Viktor says to himself. “So, I am not too far off, just walking in from another direction than the first two times.”

A cool blast of wind rushes at him from around the corner and he tucks his chin down to keep it from blowing into his jacket. Suddenly, the older woman from his last trip to this mysterious place appears up ahead. Standing firm as if she may not let him pass, her eyes are steadfast and fixed upon him.


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