Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 81) Wisdom

“Hello, young man.” The older woman says as Viktor approaches.

Here in the daylight her features are more defined and even though he somehow knows she is beyond the age of fifty or sixty years, she looks as if she is only forty. Her skin is smooth and her eyes all-knowing and full of wisdom.

“Hello again.” Viktor replies as he stops in front of her.

“I like the way you hold yourself young man, very confident yet compassionate.” She says to him as she smiles.

“Well thank you.” Viktor replies.

He has worked very hard to become the confident person she recognizes in him. The fact that she picked up on this part of his demeanor makes him feel proud of who he is, but it also embarrasses him for some reason.

“Am I heading the right way? To the cabin I mean.” He questions.

“To me, it is a cottage.” She corrects him. “And yes, you are heading the right direction.” She tips her head slightly as she glances at the long path behind her. “Keep your eyes open, remember the way, and no matter what, do not stop for anything. Do you understand?”

A bit suspicious of her directions, Viktor looks up and down the path expecting something to happen. Another cold blast of air circles around them causing him to shiver yet the woman does not seem to notice and oddly, not one hair on her head moves with the wind. He knows this is a dream but it is very strange to see the trees and dust responding to the elements yet this woman seems to be immune to it all.

“Why didn’t. . .” Viktor starts to say but the woman places her cold hand over his lips as she looks behind him.

“You need to go, right now.” She whispers to Viktor as she looks him in the eyes.

“Okay, but. . .” He starts to say and again is put in his place by this woman.

“Do not hesitate and do not stop.” She says again. “And no matter what, remember the way.”

The woman then walks toward the side of the path and steps into the woods, disappearing before his eyes. He looks back at the place he walked from but does not see anyone or anything that would be cause for him to hurry. However, he feels it is necessary to follow the command of this mysterious woman. He turns and continues to walk the twisting path and as directed, begins moving at a rather quick pace.


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